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Lesson plans freely available online

BISSE is in the process of making its published teaching workbooks freely available online via www.ssehv.org.uk as a free resource for teachers, parents and anyone with an interest in teaching human values to children and young people. Follow the link on the homepage to download lesson plans in English and Spanish. Additional workbooks and more languages will be added over time, so please do check the site regularly and watch out for updates in this bi-monthly newsletter.

If you are bi-lingual in English and another language and would like to volunteer to undertake the translation of some lesson plans in order for people in other countries to benefit from them, please email us. Many thanks to everyone that has given their time to help to translate and upload this material to date. We hope and believe that it will prove to be a very valuable international SSEHV resource.

The following are currently available for download:



Children's Values Alive Event in Surrey 5th-9th of August

In early August, Bahnoon Agnew is staging the seventh human values holiday camp to take place in Surrey, South East England, and the first one to be held at a school. She is still looking for additional volunteers and is able to provide free accommodation. If you can help out for some or all of the five days, of if you would like more information, please contact Bahnoon.



Leicester Good Values Club visits Parliament

On 17th July, the children of the Good Values club in Leicester visited the Houses of Parliament in London at the invitation of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Leicester South, Peter Soulsby.

Forty children and teachers toured the chambers of House of Lords and the House of Commons as well as other parts of this most fascinating of buildings. The trip, funded by Awards for All, was part of an ongoing project at the Club to study and celebrate the best of traditional British values, which the children have identified as including respect, punctuality, good manners, leadership and multiculturalism. The British values project will culminate in November with 'British Day', a cultural programme at the Club in Leicester. This follows on from 'India Day' and 'Africa Day' which the Club organised in January and April respectively.

After the tour, Mr Soulsby, along with local councillor Manjula Sood, attended a meeting with Dipak Fakey, chairman of the Leicester Good Values Club, and Carole Alderman, principal of BISSE. Mr Soulsby was formally invited to visit the Club on British Day and one of the children presented him with a booklet on Parliament which she had produced. The MP praised the good work done by the Club and offered his ongoing support.

For more information about British Day, please contact Dipak Fakey.



Thought for the day

Courage is staying to help when you would rather run away.

Class discussion

What does it mean to be courageous?

Why is courage important?

Do you think being brave or courageous is difficult or easy?

What do you think the phrase "having the courage of your convictions" means? Do you think it's a good thing to "have the courage of your convictions"?

Can you name anyone famous for their courage and bravery?

Can you tell us about a time when you showed courage? How did you feel about your actions?

Class activity

In small groups of four or five, prepare a short scene - no longer than 5 minutes - to act out a story about courage. You have 15 minutes to prepare your play. Think about different types of courage and bravery - your story could be about courage shown in thought, word or deed. Sometimes the most courageous thing might be to say or do nothing.



Training Update: 2006

All SSEHV courses are free to attend, although a refundable deposit of £10 may be required at registration (this is to cover photocopying costs of the extensive handouts provided at the course for you to keep). Details of all our training courses, together with contact information and dates can be found on our website at www.ssehv.org.uk, in the Training section.

A participant on a Foundation Course that took place in London in March commented, "The course is buzzing with positivity and I have never spent a Saturday doing a course that has been this fun, intellectually enlightening and practical, ever before."

Forthcoming SSEHV courses are:

Pinner, Middlesex - Intensive Foundation Course - Contact: Pamela Nash
30 July - 6 August

Cynwyl, Carmarthen - Intensive Foundation Course - Contact: Pamela Nash
21st - 26 August

Coventry - Intensive Foundation Training - Contact: Michele White
1st - 3rd, 8th - 10th and 29th October

If there is no course scheduled in your area but you would like there to be one, this can be organised, as long as there are a minimum of ten people who would like to attend. Please contact the editor for more information.


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